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Opportunity for collaboration

 Romania became a full member at CERN in June, 2015.
 We was invited by CERN, the organisation that holds the largest particle physics research laboratory in the world, to present the services we can offer.
 The laboratory is located a few kilometers northwest of Geneva (46°14′3″N 6°3′19″E), on the border between Switzerland and France.

Demonstrative services for CERN

 - Detection of presence of defects inside a resin to computed tomography
  As shown below, the purpose of this analyse is to highlight cracks in the resin surrounding steel parts. By setting suitable parameters in computer tomography, were obtained the results expected by the researchers at CERN.


 - Morphological analyse of a carbon piece
 One of the challenges encountered in research is producing new materials. Due to the remarkable physical and chemical properties carbon based materials are indispensable in various advanced industries. A suitable method to obtain the information about structural nature of a material is X-ray analysis.

  Available services
 -CT analysis
 -SEM analysis
 -correlative analysis
 -cleanliness technology

    Demonstrative report