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Perimetru - Cleanliness Technology Competence Center
  Romania has potential in the production of automobile, Renault company already has, in the country, the second largest research center in the world.
  The opportunity of a laboratory for LED advanced research in the automotive field, has enabled our company to improve its industrial activities by expanding the potential of research and development, creating the Cleanliness Technology Competence Center - ISO class 1 Laboratory, the highest existing quality class.
  ISO class 1 laboratory, popularly called “cleanroom” whereas the level of cleanliness does not allow more than 5 particles of 0,2 μm in one m3 of air, it has 130 m2 and a set of analysis equipment for determining the impurities contamination degree, indispensable to inspection activities in technology cleanliness.
 The inspection activity is a relevant functional attribute in manufacturing and processing domain of high precision components and assemblies, whereas the cost-quality report is the best.
  Technology available in the Competence Testing Center associates qualified researchers, performance analysis techniques, devotion, precision and passion.
  Engineering activities correlate the manufacturing process
with research and development efforts, focusing on studying
and applying the optimal solution for achieving the performances required by quality standards.
  When investigating opportunities for regional development are included:
- Visual inspection: no deviation;
- The air cleanliness class: ISO Class 1;
- Field of pressure: differential pressure with the requirement of replacement;
- Temperature and humidity: 22° C ± 2K, 45% ± 5%;
- The air flow velocity (non-turbulent flow): 0,40 m / s ± 0,50 m/s;
- Air flow visualization: no deviation.
  The Technology Cleanliness Competence Center of Romania is prepared to support especially the cleanliness technology market in Central and Eastern Europe.

  PERiMETRU has the capacity to supervise activities that require a certification of cleanliness technological level in Central and Eastern Europe and will also include:
- a platform for switching and validation of quality for analysis related to cleanliness level of the industrial products susceptible to contamination;
- a platform for evaluation and certification of cleanliness analysis samples;
- strategic pan-European alliances for exchange of experience in cleanliness inspection technology.

  Areas of interest include:
- Cleaning requirements fulfilled for packaging;
- Ultra precision cleaning;
- Porosity and analyse to determine defects;
- Size precision measurements;
- Characterization and analysis of surfaces;
- Correlative analysis;
- High resolution analysis;
- Extraction and automated analyse of particles;
- Inspection of technical cleaning and extraction of particles.


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Gabriel Pantea
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