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  UV-LED light system (designed and realized at Microelectronica) being assembled in TO5 type capsule; electronic controller of system is customized for LED-die to work at required current and voltage of direct current and to be very stable in time. This maximize the efficiency of UVC LED-die emission and also longer life-time.

  UVC LED light testing unit is made up of DC supply, controlled current and voltage and a device for controlled electromagnetic agitator at stable room temperature.  
LED lighting systems for antimicrobial effect of UV lighting

  UV light, having 100-400 nm, has the property of water disinfection (destroying almost all microbes).
UV lighting used for water sterilization comprise:
- UVA (315-380nm)
- UVB (280 - 315nm)
- UVC (100-280nm)
Unlike UVA and UVB, UVC radiation from the sun it is almost all absorbed or reflected by the atmosphere.
  Advantages of UV for water sterilization:
- Inhibits the microorganisms DNA;
- Microorganisms does not develop natural resistance;
- The maximum antimicrobial effect of UV is experimented under 270nm.
  Generating UVC:
  Lamp with mercury vapors:
- classical UV lamp
- 254nm wavelength
- very limited life-time
- emission depends on the input alternative current
- high toxicity
- environment non-friendly and dangerous
- Excimer, Nd: YAG, Ti: sapphire
- Very expensive
- Longer life-time
- Works in direct current
- Environmental friendly
- Compact and portable
  The UVC-LED system for water sterilization has main characteristics:
- UVC light must be around the water flow;
- Dimensions (diameter) of sterilization room need to be adapted to the UV power emission;
- Water itself soak up UV power;
- UV power of 10W is efficient to sterilize a water flow of about 4l/sec;
- UVC is efficient at 200-280nm;
- Total Organic Carbon (TOC) decreasing at UVC in 185nm;



  Microbiology unit for realizing the specific testing microbial cultures (Escherichia coli standard type) and also realizing the Colony Forming Unit (CFU) for counting before and after UVC action (using fluorescent light).
  Counting unit for colonies formed of microorganisms (e.g. colonies fluorescent in UV light formed by Escherichia coli type ATCC 8739)

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